When are we in situations that us prevent from visiting a cabelereiro, to renew the appearance, the only solution is we look after ourselves at home, right?

The process of discoloration of the hairs is very common, and it is possible to do at home. Meantime, it is important to be careful to maintain the beauty and the health of the hair threads. Very damaged hairs specify more light cares, or with products without ammonia or with oxidant lower, what do not attack so much the structure of the thread. So, it is necessary to understand his objective.

The discoloration can be done in the hair completely or only in some locks, to do nuances, for example.

Is it going to discolor the hair at home? Check this super hint!

The discoloration process

The process wraps the mixture of the bleach with the oxidant thing, which will be subsequently hard-working in the threads. Between the component presents in the bleaches there is the persulfato, which acts with the present oxygen in the peroxide, destroying the pigments of the hair. In other words: the discoloration is carried out from the oxidation of the present pigments in the hair fiber. This process finishes by damaging the hair and, therefore, the necessity of using quality products, able to pale minimizing the aggression of the threads. It is necessary to take into account still the fact that the chemical process does so that the locks do not lose only the pigmentation, but also the mass, lipídios and proteins.

For this reason, we indicate hair cares that guarantee the entirety of the thread of hair before and during the application of chemical products, like bleach or coloration. The mark Nutrisalon it developed a system of hair protection, with benefits of Theralose, which it hydrates and protects the hair; Sericina that promotes the franking of the cuticle and the replacement of the hair proteinic mass; and Phytokeratin, a vegetable queratina to the base of plants that it protects and strengthens the hair fiber. A set of agents that meets in three key products: Nutrisalonplex Block, Nutrisalonplex Safe and Nurisalonplex Care.

Is it going to discolor the hair at home? Check this super hint!

This line presents itself a useful tool, not only for the professionals of cabelereiro, just as for whom it wants to discolor the hair at home, since it allows to him to explore without limits and in total security his creativity, making possible superiors reaching levels of aclaramento and to carry out drastic color changes, without compromising the entirety of the fiber of the hair. This trio is worthwhile!

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